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Android vs iOS, Google Play Store vs Apple AppStore. What market should you choose when launching a mobile app?

What to choose in the beginning

When you think of the available app markets, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? Most of the people would probably say: “AppStore and Google Play Store”. As the matter of fact, these are two of the most popular, the most extensive and the best managed stores, both publishing thousands of applications daily. If you are thinking about launching an app on your own better find out more about both of them first.


The first one on the market was Android, but currently it’s not the biggest one. It’s got almost 500,000 applications in total – in comparison: Apple has over 600,000. On the other hand, apps on iOS are often more expensive than on Android: average selling price for the former is about 3.49€, when for the latter it’s only 1.73€.
But money and quantity are not the only things worth thinking through. Android is a system used by a lot of different devices, which means better reach, but also more screen sizes than iOS has. Another important thing: every app has its own target group. Finding out which smartphones are more popular among your potential users will help you decide how to get better chances at the beginning – and this should be your first step when creating an app.

But do you have to choose only one store?

There are app developers starting with applications on both Apple AppStore and Google Play Store, but this plan has some powerful flaws. At the beginning you need to focus on getting as high ratings as possible and it will require a lot of updates and improvements during the first few weeks – so investing your time and finances in quality, not quantity, is probably a better way to accomplish your goals. Also, it will be easier to get to know one market at a time than to learn about two gigantic stores (with different user interfaces, different layouts, different navigation etc.) at once.

It doesn’t mean you have to give up the idea of building applications for both Android and iOS – just take your time with this step. After surviving your app’s first weeks you can think about launching it for another market to get more and more users: with experience and knowledge from your first store, conquering the next ones will be a piece of cake.

So… How to decide?

No matter what anyone tells you, where to start is your own decision. Both stores have tons of followers and opponents, just as both have their advantages and disadvantages. There is no one, good solution for the “iOS or Android” dilemma, because every app designer has his/her own preferences and own recipe for success – the best thing you can do is to find out as much as possible and then consider both options to find your perfect one.

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