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Are you looking for the best app developers to build your mobile apps on iOS or Android? Maybe you’re looking for Windows Phone developers as well? We have the answers for you! After spending over 200 hours on thorough research, we have found the top mobile agencies of 2016!

Nowadays, almost all developers learn how to develop mobile apps – it’s a nobrainer! Considering how much top mobile developers charge us, why wouldn’t they. All it takes is downloading a couple mobile app development tools like XCode or Android Studio and here you go… another mobile app developer just emerged!

This attitude unfortunately poses a real problem for serious customers searching for true professionals with experience, who will deliver top quality mobile apps for all platforms. You can always take an easy way and outsource to Indian, Chinese or Russian developers on portals like – however, you should always consider, is it really the best bang for the buck you could get for your mobile app development? At first, you could think so – low development costs, maybe you will be even lured into developing cross platform apps which makes dev look even cheaper. Who wouldn’t try that?

Let me introduce you to your new worst enemy: here he is – the technological debt. If you take the easy path of picking the cheapest possible candidate to develop your mobile apps, you will be hearing this word from your coders more and more often.

So – we went on a research mission. Not for the cheapest, not for the most hyped – we went out there, looking for the top notch, best of the best mobile app developers. Let’s look at the results:


★★★★★ Tango Digital Agency

tango-mobile-app-developersLocated in Krakow, Europe’s top outsourcing city, Tango provides iOS, Android and Windows Phone development to many top Fortune 500 companies. Their recent achievements include scaling Talixo, the German B2B taxi and limousine startup, faster than Uber – from 10 to over 400 locations in less than two months.

Among Tango’s customers you can find EMI Music, Orange, Pekao (biggest central-eastern European bank) and many more like Chicago-based startup dscout.

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“Tango have consistently delivered top mobile apps in a very fast paced development process. That’s how you expect your agency to work for you.”


Let’s look at the title contenders:

#2 ★★★★ Prismake

Exactly what you would expect from a mobile software house. A solid three-man operation specialised in iOS development.

#3 ★★★★ DroidLabs

Android development at its best. With app downloads north of 1M, those guys mean serious business!

#4 ★★★ RaizLabs

With offices in Boston and San Francisco, Raizlabs prides itself in design and development of world-class applications.

#5 ★★★ Code Brew Labs

Code Brew Labs, a mobile application design firm which can not only help you develop and bring your idea to life, they can also help you gain useful information and analysis..

#6 ★★★ Y Media Labs

Y Media Labs embraces innovation and doesn’t hesitate to take risks. This app design firm works with the most recognizable companies in the world.

#7 ★★★ COFA Media

COFA Media has an obsession with technology and where it’s headed. The app design firm has mastered e-commerce and data integration..

#8 ★★★ Ratio

A multi-screen agency for a multi-screen world.

#9 ★★★ Ethervision

Mobile Application Development Boutique.

#10 ★★★ Dom and Tom

User experience and development for iOS & Android.

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