How do I monetise a free mobile app?

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Monetise mobile app

Here’s a few tips for beginners in developing and introducing your new mobile apps to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store looking for ways to earn some serious buck on their work.

It is well known that requirements and demand for mobile apps are increasing. For example, games are the most popular category of apps for both tablet users and smartphone owners. So start your plan with profound research of your target market. Follow the latest trends and analise your potential users’ needs. Sometimes it’s easier to bite into the biggest piece of pie, but at the same time this is where competition is the biggest. Success is possible only if you try to catch on and understand the market movements.


Research shows, that bug-free, “understandable” applications attract much more paying customers.

Your app should provide a balance between simplicity for users and sophisticated design. Moreover, it is critical for mobile apps aspiring to be on the top of app store to fulfill the user’s needs and attract attention of those, who haven’t already download that app – also through a rich interface and its simplicity. Recent development of apps have shown that a more intuitive, involving and captivating user interface will not only enlarge the effectiveness of the system, but also boost the productivity of users.

Some of the possible monetisation strategies include:

– One is in-app-purchases, in which an app can be distributed for free, but additional content is paid
– Another is the subscription model, in which content is available for as long as an user pays the regular subscription
– Third could be the integration of your free app with advertisement networks
Sushant claims, that it is the most tricky part, considering a report by Gartner which says “free apps will soon account for nearly 90% of total mobile App Store downloads”. If you are iterested in some promotion strategies for mobile apps, click here:


When planning your monetisation strategy, you have to optimise in-app conversions and sales, but at the same time pure volume can often boost your earnings a lot. Usually, getting lots of new users gives you the biggest bang for the buck in early development stages, while optimising the conversions can benefit you greatly if you already have engaged users and you just need to convince one additional percent of them to pay.
That’s why another important thing about planning your app is following the trends like seasonal apps, which are popular during a particular time such as holidays, for example travel based, financial based etc. Apps that are needed in particular time during the year will provide you huge interest in downloads at certain times.

Also – event-related apps tend to be a huge hit. Presidential elections, sports events – go for it!

These are of course just basic issuses showing how the mobile app development should be planned. Certainly, the market of mobile app development will evolve, so if you want to join this world you have to know how it all works. What is clear is that careful consideration of app’s trends will become even more crucial when defining the next generation mobile apps architecture.

Advices for creating a free mobile app are based on Sushant Saraswat’s anwer on

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