How much should designing an iPhone app cost?

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Cost of designing iOS app

Design of the app is one of the most important parts of your app success. Let’s figure out how much should it cost.

Investing in high level design is the best way to convert viewers to downloads and have a growing impact on user engagement metrics. You can be sure that’s not an accident that top featured iPhone and iPad apps all have great design.

So now, we have try to answer the question: how much does it cost to design an app? Or How much should designing an iPhone app cost?

Total design package includes:

  • prototyping and app UI design,
  • app graphic design,
  • app icon design,
  • product designer’s job.

So we have to estimate the whole process from sketches on paper to detailed mind maps, wireframes, design mock-ups and whole functionality of your application. What’s more you have to consider the time for customer collaboration, requirements specification and interaction with developers and number of customer changes. On the one hand prototyping multiplies the number of hours you will have to pay for but on the other hand it saves your budget, because you minimize the probability of increase in budget at the development stage.

Cost of app design depends on country and type of design company

App design price is calculated according to designers level, project complexity – number of screens and functions and animations.

Of course very important is place of design company:

  • USA designers will charge you from $50 to $200 per hour.
  • United Kingdom design studios require between £40 to £130 pounds per hour.
    iPhone app design for example, starts at £1500 and goes up to £10,000 it’s worth to mentioned that iPad design is more expensive because of the different size and speed of the device).
  • Polish design agency will charge you from $30 to $80 per hour,
  • Ukraine freelancer is able to deliver great design from $20 to $50 per hour,
  • India design perspectives start from $15 per hour.

App design cost with regards to project complexity

Let’s divide iOS mobile applications eternity into  3 typical types: simple (basic), middle complexity (custom apps) and complex.
The average price based on the hourly estimate will look like this:

  • Simple design + wireframes will take about 100 hours and cost you about $5000,
  • Middle complexity design + wireframes — 240 hours and quote around $10 000,
  • Complex design + wireframes (with animation for example) — 500 hours and  $20 000.

This estimations consider high-level design compared to your potential competitors in USA and around the world.

To sum up, before you make the decison about design of your iOS or Android app, you have to consider the complexity of the project, country and type of design company.





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