I would like to build a fitness app – how do I do this?

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Fitness app

Richard asks: I want to build a fitness app that I would like to pitch to top gyms like L.A. fitness and 24 hours fitness how do I do this?

Mobile app idea

Fitness apps are a pretty hot topic right now – it’s one of the fastest growing industries and if you have a good idea for a mobile app – go for it! Keep in mind, that both the 24 hour fitness application, and and L.A. fitness app already are on the market – it is extremely hard to convince a company that already has a mobile app to market your own. Maybe instead of doing that, it would be a good idea to try and pitch smaller fitness gyms which have less mobile presence?

Mobile app development overview

Fitness infographics
How do you develop an app? There are a couple steps, all of them equally important.

  1. Functional specification
  2. Mockups and graphics
  3. Mobile app development
  4. Mobile app testing
  5. Marketing your mobile application
  6. Show traction

First, you need to describe all modules and functionalities, that you want the app to have. If you’re not a technical person it’s a good idea to consult somebody who’s experience with mobile app development – this way you will know what makes sense to develop and also, what fits iOS, what fits Android etc.

Mobile app graphics and mockups

Once you have your mobile app ideas lined up, you will need a mobile app designer. Very often, the person who will develop an app, will also recommend a good designer. If you use a digital agency, you don’t need to worry about it – obviously, the designer and mobile app developer are both in the package. If you have budget for your app, it might be a good idea to do so – mobile app developer salaries are pretty high and before you find a good one, you will waste months for trial and error – which you often cannot afford.

Once you accept the graphics for your application, you’re ready to start  developing your mobile app!

Creating your mobile app

Your mobile app developer will take at least several weeks to develop the app. He will usually go from a mocked-up, clickthrough version of the app, to a fully functional final version of the app. You should get updated versions every week or so, so that you can comment and review his work on the fly.

Marketing the mobile application

After you have the app ready, the first couple weeks after the launch are critical for the success of your app. If you don’t get customers at that point, your app will drop in ratings in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. It’s not only about your mobile app idea – everything counts: your iOS app store icon, your mobile app design etc. So – make sure you line up all the help you can get from your friends, family and beta-testers, so that once the app launches, you get as many users as possible!

Mobile app launch – showing traction

Now that you’ve launched, you need to listen to your customers. Google Play Store and iOS App Store reviews will tell you a lot about how people use the app and what they need. After a couple iterations you might want to implement a feedback form, to get more details from your users. You will be surprised how many of them want to give you some informations about bugs and required features for your apps!

Talking to strategic partners and investors

Got the first hundred / thousand users? Good, now it’s the time to talk to investors and partners. Gyms, fitness clubs and investors will be much happier with you if you show them a working, live mechanism – this gives you much more advantage than just showing your mobile app idea. Growth curves are the golden grail of every living angel investor and VC!

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