Mobile apps marketing – tips, hints & strategy from a different view

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Mobile apps marketing – tips, hints & strategy from a different view. How to promote using content marketing and the power of honesty.

Creating a mobile app requires a great effort. You might build an outstanding one, but without promotion and successful marketing your work will be worthless. There are about 1.5mln apps in Android App Market and Apple App Market each. How to make your app visible from such an array of choices?


“The worst truth is always better than lie” – my mom

There is nothing wrong in lack of some utilities during early stages of development. Do not hide it. Conversely, let people know about it and make them both your advisors and reviewers. There are dozens of tech enthusiasts who will eagerly help you improve your app. Not only will you receive feedback and (hopefully) support; it will be a start of the promotion.

Take a look and watch how well the cooperation between developer and customers works. Furthermore, people bought premium versions 3 weeks after first release just to support the developer!

Some might say that you would frighten your potential customers by revealing your project’s flaws. Exposing weaknesses is something that (old-fashioned) marketers are allergic to. But give it some thought:

  • You will discourage people who would eventually be dissatisfied (because they are looking for features you don’t offer) and perhaps avoid bad comments (these are way more impactful than good ones!)
  • You will gain trust and will bond with the interested people – the ones that you are actually aiming at. If you’re frank about weaknesses, it’s more probable you’re honest about strengths
  • It will show that you care about customer’s actual experience. More than you care about your short-term revenue

Use some empathy, put yourself in prospect’s place and consider – are these qualities really unattractive? I’m sure that the answer is just the opposite.


Young people, businessmen, parents – each group of people require different approach. Remember that and adjust your marketing. You have to choose communication channel wisely depending on which group you’re aiming at. You might try to reach younger customers via Instagram or Snapchat while Twitter might be better medium for the older ones. Also the language you’re using matters.

  • Speak simply and use emoticons toward adolescents
  • Give complex information for geeks and tech-buffs
  • Use infographics, be short and sweet for businesspeople – they do not have time to waste!

Having all of this in mind, always remember to be confident. If you’re not sure about your product, why should I bother to use it? Also, follow our 20 advices for your app promotion – you’ll find here essential tips for introducing new app to the market.

Do not forget to share your experiences and leave your opinions in comments!

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