Sabir built an app in his spare time for less than 2000$

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Have you ever wondered about the app development cost if you’re doing everything by yourself?

If you have experience in programming, it would be cost-effective to do everything on your own, including design of an app icon, upload to an app store and creating landing pages, like Sabir did. Being an app developer, you can take part in building the most terrific mobile apps that captivate the audiences, meet expectations of clients and are pleasure to use, as long as you have few hours and you are not afraid of sleepless nights.

Sabir is a full-time iOS developer, working on average 45 hours per week in an office for a dev company. He started to think about developing mobile apps on iOS on his own. But as long as his job is considered, he had to take care of it on the weekends or during the nights. There are some ‘tricks’ that he took advantage of during developing a mobile app.

Design for free

Starting from the bottom, good design it’s not just how it looks like. It’s also how it works. It is a balance between form and function – he brought it together. There are a great many things that are called design essential. But Sabir spent no money on graphics – he picked up graphics for free, among those available on the web. There are tons of ‘ready to go’ resources for graphics of your App – he created app with images free for commercial use and updated them to his own specific need in Photoshop. Thinking about landing pages, he picked up theme from ThemeForest for 16$. It took him only one day to re-design it and he had no experience at all in web. He also used iMove to make all his app videos and tutorials for free.

Mobile app Marketing

As long as app advertising cost is considered – even the best apps need a little help to get started, so the appropriate marketing campaign is what separates the successful apps from the forgotten ones found at the bottom of the app store. Sabir claims that it also isn’t something you can’t do on your own – there are a lot of helpers. ‘If your app is good there would be review sites ready to write full length reviews on your App either for free or for an amount of money”.

iOS app development cost

And here is the initial price for developing iOS app, including cost of tools.

  1. $99 for an individual iOS developer (Apple Developer account)
  2. $1185 for a macbook Air
  3. $500 for your app website to create a mobile app on iOS and then to upload it to iTunes, you need to have an iOS device connected to the macbook.

Sabir also claims, that the initial cost he spent on devices, developer account and website are only one time, so he can use the same stuff for all of his future mobile apps.


Based on Sabir Ali’s answer on Quora

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