What is the best way to promote a mobile app?

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Promote mobile app

What is the best way to promote a mobile app?

Quality of your app is very important, but before launching your app you have to prepare your marketing and promotion plan. We prepared a list of 20 pieces of advice for your app promotion:

  1. Take care of quality, design, screenshots and description of you app store pages.
  2. Promote your app on your website – responsive website! People who found your website on the mobile device are prime candidates for using your app.
  3. Feature your mobile app on your website – you need to promote your apps in the top of the website using standard download buttons from app and android store. Use call to action buttons on all the websites you exists and advert.
  4. Take care of high quality reviews and rates on the app stores.
  5. Create an explainer video showing your app in action.
  6. Use existing customer touch points as much as possible. Before spending dollars, why not start to contact your actual clients? What’s more, you can add an url and QR codes to your app  on emails or billing statements for your app promotion.
  7. Use SMS codes, simple-to-enter URLs promoting your app and QR codes. Post them in your store, on your product and other online or offline media from TV spots to billboards.
  8. Make a content! Create a blog and make posts about your app, explain the utility of your app, usability and quality of it with screenshots and statistics.
  9. Prepare the email campaigns and newsletters with urls to you mobile app.
  10. Link to your mobile app in all of your messages and emails e.g on your purchase confirmation emails.
  11. Talk and chat about your app on the appropriate forums and discuss with users about your .
  12. Add a link to your mobile app on your business cards.
  13. Use social media! Promote your mobile app on social media and Incorporate a link to your mobile apps in your social media profiles (a specially on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube). Social channels provide a great opportunity to promote your app. Facebook and Twitter both offer app-install ads. These ads are highly targeted and therefore can be effective.
  14. Use other media. You have to promote your app in other forms of advertising and media. For example in the press, radio, events, trades or TV.
  15. Target wisely your customers. Organize your targeting so you can analyze pre-identified segments that make sense to confirm or disprove your initial prediction.
  16. You have to be an ASO! App Store Optimization (ASO) is a new subset of SEO.
  17. Promote Your App in Google Search Results. The best way to reach users who are looking for apps similar to yours, is by creating a mobile search campaign. App promotion ads are smarter than your average ad. Android app ads will automatically only show on android phones and iTunes apps will only show on iOS devices.
  18. Re-Engage Users Who Have Your App in the Search Results – this actions will help you to getting users actually use the app – not only download it!
  19. Promote Your App Within Other Apps on the Google Display Network.
  20. Make your app free at launch – you shouldn’t create barriers to download your app at the begining. Price your app, but present the free download as a launch promotion.


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